Real-Time Voice Scrambler • Descrambler • Voice Changer • Pitch Shifter • Modulator • Effects Processor
Replaces over $200 in separate audio processing tools.  Pitch shifting, tremolo and vibrato modulation effects.  Band-inversion scrambling/descrambling.  One simple interface.
Live Audio Processing
The one and only REAL-TIME voice scrambler app!  Samples input from the microphone.  Sends output to the speaker/headphone jack in real-time.
Professional Features
Advanced DSP techniques deliver studio-grade audio.  Wide range of pitch and modulation settings.  Supports all common scrambling frequencies.
Premium Quality
Unlike the gimmicky "toy" voice changers on the market, there are no flashy graphics, no cute cartoon icons, and no annoying ads!  Designed for high performance and simple operation.
Limitless Applications
Disguise your voice for online games.  Create real-time voice effects for theatrical performances and Halloween costumes.  Generate unique musical effects for live and recorded productions.